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Volunteer Onboarding Manager

3 Hours/Week

The onboarding manager: Is assigned to select NCC applications by the team lead or Application Manager. Maintains a personal relationship with the applicant from application acceptance until fully onboarded. Is responsible for ensuring the full onboarding experience is provided and access to the appropriate systems is granted. Outside of their team or team lead, is the applicant's primary point of contact is the NCC. Reassigning the application to another NCC team lead (if applicable) or referring them to apply outside of the NCC.

About the OA Volunteer Board

As a nonprofit organization that prioritizes youth leadership, the Order of the Arrow relies on a dedicated team of both youth and adult volunteers to ensure the successful operation of its programs. The national volunteer opportunities within this board are intended for individuals who have already given substantial time at the lodge, section, and region level, and still seek to volunteer further in the OA. For more information on the OA’s structure please see this page.

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All fields are required unless otherwise noted. Volunteer eligibility will be verified via the national office before any Arrowman is able to volunteer at the national level.
This list of lodges was retrieved from OA LodgeMaster and updates once per day. Lodges are ordered based on their council number.
Your BSA ID will be used to verify your volunteer eligibility with the national office.
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