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Order of the Arrow Business Plan: 2017-2020

The Order of the Arrow Business Plan (2017–2020) (the “Plan”) is intended to outline the areas of growth for the National Order of the Arrow Committee through the year 2020. The Plan’s design is intended to address the unique benefits and challenges of the Order as we transition into our second century by placing a specific focus on promoting successful lodge development. 

The National OA Committee intentionally deviated from the traditional, lengthy “strategic plan” concept to an accountability-based “business plan.” The Plan was designed with shorter and more defined action items that will lead to a desired outcome, while providing flexibility for the Boy Scout of America’s ever-evolving membership. Each of the action items presented in the Plan is organized into one of five “pillars” identified by the Order’s leadership as being critical to the organization’s growth to have greater focus on local lodge program and administration.

In prior years, lodges have been encouraged to incorporate specific objectives of the OA strategic plan into their own (lodge) strategic planning process. With the transition from a strategic plan to a business plan, the National OA Committee is encouraging lodges to embrace the philosophy behind the Plan, adapting concepts (as needed), but recognizing that individual lodges have unique goals and challenges (“one size fits all” doesn’t apply). The Plan is intended to guide the National OA Committee by creating accountability measures and focusing on initiatives that directly support lodges. 

The Plan spans a shorter timeframe and revolves around specific action items to ensure a greater level of accountability. It also recognizes that our membership and organization are both evolving and changing to meet the demands of today’s youth.

Our goal is for lodges to utilize the Plan as a guide when developing their own plans (in conjunction with their respective councils) for successful programming and membership growth. As your lodge moves forward with the re-chartering process, take this opportunity to develop a set of goals with your council Scout executive that are similar to ideals demonstrated in our national plan. Please direct questions about the Plan to the OA’s business plan development team at @email

Download the 2017-2020 Business Plan