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Inductions Portal

Nationally Produced Ceremony Videos

This page contains recordings of the Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal ceremonies to aid lodges in conducting virtual inductions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lodges may either use these videos or utilize their own ceremony team during virtual inductions.

These videos are filmed in both Scout Field Uniforms and the alternative ceremony clothing option approved by the National Order of the Arrow Committee earlier this year. As a reminder, virtual ceremonies should either be conducted using this clothing option or in Scout Field Uniforms. American Indian attire should not be used during virtual inductions.

Before conducting a virtual election, be sure to read the Induction Guidance to Lodges Under COVID-19 Restrictions. If you have any further questions about conducting virtual inductions after reading the virtual induction guidance, please email @email.

These videos are secured with an Ordeal Safeguard. Safeguard these materials. We ask that no lodge or person republish these videos online or share in any other way than to conduct a virtual induction. Lodge leadership may download a copy of these ceremonies by selecting the Vimeo logo in each video's control bar. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker as clicking the Vimeo logo will redirect you to the Vimeo website.

Pre-Ordeal Ceremony (Scout Field Uniform)

Pre-Ordeal Ceremony (Alternative Ceremony Clothing)

Midday Spirit of the Arrow Presentation

Ordeal Ceremony (Scout Field Uniform)

Ordeal Ceremony (Alternative Ceremony Clothing)