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Q/A: Arrowman Service Award: Adult Requirement Question

Q: In reviewing the criteria for the Arrowman Service Award, I have some questions concerning the requirements for adults working on the award. The personal and service items seem clear. However, under chapter and lodge activity, the items (particularly A, B, and C) seem to be items (camping promotion or elections team, leadership at two lodge functions, officer or chair) that only youth may perform. Are adult Arrowmen eligible for this award?

A: Billy Walley, national vice chairman for awards on the national OA committee, provided the following official answer to your question:

"There is adult support that is necessary for these items. For example, on the camping promotion and elections team: most teams have an adviser to work with them to assure that the event takes place, in addition, there is support in transportation of the youth to attend the camping promotion or election event. All of these are areas which the lodge adviser can approve for service on this item.

"As for leadership at the lodge events, once again, there are a myriad of ways that an adult can give leadership at a lodge function. For example, as an adviser for an activity at the Lodge event - a lodge may an event with a youth chair and an adult adviser. Or, leadership could be provided by having a session for adults and do the leadership of the session.

"These are examples which I would recommend that you discuss with your lodge adviser."