Third Degree (Choose a Different Test)

  1. What special activity did Arrowmen enjoy at the 1973 NOAC, held at the University of California, Santa Barbara?
  2. In 1975, the National OA Committee expressed an opinion strongly discouraging the use of "restrictions". What were restrictions?
  3. What was the existential threat to the Order of the Arrow at the 1922 BSA Scout Executive Meeting?
  4. Who was the first Arrowman inducted as a youth to become a Third Degree (Vigil Honor) Member?
  5. What do we know for certain about the first OA sash?
  6. In 1935, which of the following changes to terminology were made by the Order of the Arrow?
  7. Who are the Arrowmen of Takodah Chapter?
  8. Where was the first Wimachtendienk Constitution ratified?
  9. In 1948, the Order of the Arrow became fully integrated into the Boy Scouts of America as Scouting's honor society. What changes were made by the Order to qualify for this distinction?
  10. Secrecy, ceremonies, the original “blood-rite," totem pins, our admonition, our obligation and a secret handshake date to the early years of the Order. Why?