Youth-led task force to reimagine LLD program in 2017

Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) is the Order of the Arrow’s entry-level training program administered by lodges. The program has historically offered a range of session syllabi, providing an opportunity for lodges to choose those sessions that are most useful for chapter and lodge leaders and advisers.

The LLD Task Force was established to review, conceptually refresh and rewrite the LLD program. Special attention will be given to developing up-to-date training that enables lodges to improve their performance; delivered in a fashion that addresses today’s youth in a manner accessible to younger leaders at the chapter and lodge level. In Dallas this week, task force members conducted a baseline evaluation of training needs, reviewed comments from the National OA Committee and developed twenty topic concepts in five functional areas designed to address the most important needs of current and future chapter and lodge officers. These five functional areas have been preliminarily identified as “the basics,” retention, management, relationships and application. Within each of the five functional areas, one session will be developed as the core or “flagship” session.

The “basics” will include a set of introductory topics related to performing effectively in your role, fundamentals of leading and serving, the OA and creativity. Retention revolves around strategic planning to enable lodges to retain members and leaders. Management includes sessions related to practical leadership skills such as planning and budgeting. Relationship sessions will empower lodges to improve relationships between youth and advisors, with troops and with the council. Application sessions focus on executing the visions and motivating Arrowmen to return to their troops, districts, chapters and lodges in an effective capacity.

Matt Henry (NE-5) was elected to serve as the task force chairman, with Michael Boewe (SR-8), Jameson Cavanaugh (C-2), Jerry Hand (SR-1B), Kyle Kern (NE-4A), and Alex Witek (C-7) serving as vice chairmen on the task force. Each of the vice chairmen are responsible for one of the functional areas. In this role, they will each recruit and supervise four session developers who will be writing the initial drafts of the new LLD syllabi this spring. The chiefs will gather for a week in June at Philmont to pull the sessions together.

Scott Stephens serves as the lead adviser for the LLD Task Force, supporting Matt. Associate lead advisers supporting each of the vice chairmen include Jeff Bobrow, Steve Gaines, Wade Hartley, Kevin Hula and Rollin Jackson. Brian Bennett handles logistics for the task force, while Jim Cheatham serves as liaison to section advisers and region chairmen.

Matthew Henry - LLD Task Force Chairman

“I’m excited to innovate and rewrite the LLD training curriculum to provide a modern training program that each lodge and every Arrowman can benefit from.”

NE-5 Section Chief Matt Henry is from the Minsi Trails Council in Allentown, PA. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Witauchsoman Lodge, and is an assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 84. Matt is studying political science and history at Lock Haven University. He enjoys watching and following politics and reading in his spare time. A fun fact about Matt is that he enjoys working at his council’s Cub Scout summer camp each summer.

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