Witauchsoman Lodge provides support to first ever Muslim Boy Scout Jamboree

By Brendan Switts

This upcoming summer, in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America, the Islamic Council on Scouting of North America will hold its inaugural Muslim Boy Scout Jamboree at Camp Minsi in Pocono Summit, PA. At the jamboree, Scouts will be able to participate in all the activities usually offered at camp, in addition to religious emblem award workshops. 

Two main goals have been identified by local council leadership for the event. Firstly, to bring Scouting units of different cultures and religious faiths through our duty to God. This will be exemplified in visitations by Latter Day Saint and Jewish units, along with international units. The second goal is to offer unique opportunities to Scouts who typically are not in a position to enjoy them. This is evident in Witauchsoman Lodge’s role in the event since it will serve as service staff and hold a call-out ceremony. The lodge’s presence serves two purposes: to provide support for the event and educate participants about the Order.

Once they arrive, units will be greeted and checked-in by Arrowmen, starting their essential role in the event. Throughout the week, summer camp staff and many members of the lodge executive committee will help run the event and hold the Friday night campfire with assistance from the local chapter. On Thursday night, a call-out ceremony will be held. For many, this will be their first interaction with the OA. The lodge leadership wants to provide them with a memorable and exciting experience hopefully sparking their interest in the OA.

Witauchsoman Lodge Staff Adviser Paul Oswald is looking forward to the jamboree. “First and foremost, we are extremely excited that we have the ability to host this truly unique event,” Oswald said. “Through various partnerships, we are able to bring scouts to camp from Virginia, New York, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few, and share fellowship through Scouting.”

Looking to the future, Minsi Trails Council hopes to team up with National Islamic Committee on Scouting to further develop the Muslim Boy Scout Jamboree into a quadrennial event.

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