What you need to know for unit arrival day

By Cory Johnson

The participants are coming! Starting at 4:00am today, tens of thousands of participants organized in contingents by their council affiliation will enter the gates of the Summit Bechtel Reserve (SBR) for 10 days of a lifetime.

As soon as buses arrive, Operation Arrow staff members will be the friendly faces the contingents will meet. Arrowmen will exalt a lively, cheerful attitude and provide a wealth of information for the participants while providing history on the SBR, encouraging frequent hydration and sharing helpful tips to live Scouting’s adventure to a full extent.

To ensure a warm welcome, make sure to be prepared! Bring a pen, smart phone, charger, water bottle, backpack, rain gear, sunscreen and packed lunch. Wear Scout socks, Scout shorts, a Scout belt and your zesty blue polo and hat.

Before your day begins, it is essential to review the Operation Arrow unit arrival day mobilization training and bus script in the Operation Arrow app under the “Guides & Docs” section. Make sure to be familiar with the script.

Thank you for all you do on the Operation Arrow team! Your hard work continues to #FuelScoutingsAdventure like never before.

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