What you need to know about OA High Adventure

By Clayton Carte

Order of the Arrow High Adventure is a great program that all youth Arrowmen should take advantage of. Here are four things you need to know before leaving home:

Bring a rain jacket. This may sound silly and obvious, but you would be surprised how many Scouts forget this simple item. Along with the rain jacket, be sure to bring all of the gear listed on the packing list for your trek. Proper gear makes for a better experience.

Have an open mind. High adventure programs are designed to test you physically and mentally. You will face challenges that are new to you and by overcoming them you will grow as a leader and person. In addition, your high adventure crew mates will be strangers to you at the beginning. Throughout the journey, these fellow Arrowmen will become your best friends as you get to know them. By the end, you will have lifelong friends from across the country.

Be ready to explore and bring a camera. The national bases are large, beautiful properties. It is impossible to see everything. You and your crewmates will decide how to spend your time. Whether you climb the Tooth of Time at Philmont Scout Ranch or go snorkeling in the Florida Keys, be ready to discover something new. The best path is the one least taken. Be sure to capture your memories on film or even in a journal. With a journal and camera, you’ll be able to capture your experiences and share them with friends and family when you get home.

Encourage your friends to join. Former and current participants are the best spokesmen for these wonderful programs. Let other Arrowmen in your troop and lodge know how much fun you had and show them how to get signed up. Want more adventure for yourself? Attend other programs and go for the rare OAHA Triple Crown Award!

Be sure to enjoy your trek with an Order of the Arrow High Adventure program! We cannot wait to see you out on the trail!

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