What to expect upon arrival at Prism

Prism is going to be a fantastic experience for the nearly 1,400 Arrowmen who will participate. Prism is a four-day, three-night experience at the Summit Betchel Reserve. Participants will have access to all of the adventure in the Scott Summit Center and give back to the SBR through a service project. Prism’s capstone event will be a personal experience at the Summit Circle, the OA’s new national ceremony grounds. Each participant will take part in an inaugural dedication ceremony at the circle and reflect on the Order.

Plan on arriving to the SBR through the Mt. Hope side (Highway 61). Upon arriving at Prism, you are going to be directed to the Scott Visitor Center where you will need to go to Guest Services. Guest Services will collect your Summit Waiver and Medical Form (Parts A& B). If you plan to participate in aquatic activities, feel free to bring the Swim Classification Form or be prepared to take a swim test onsite. Once you’ve been to check in, you will be given a map, wristband, and any other information you will need.

At that time, you will be directed to your campsite where you will find your tent and have time to settle in. Due to the unique nature of this event, all tents will be pre-assigned and you’ll have the opportunity to meet Arrowmen from across the country. There will also be time for you to meet the staff that will be leading the program during your session. After an orientation, the staff will split the participants into groups and the Prism program will commence!

The first portion of the program will be a fun, interactive game which will be a chance for you to mingle and get to know your fellow participants and Arrowmen from across the country. Make sure to bring a chair for the game! After the game, everyone will gather back together and select staff members will lead the participants in the first Prism session. This first session will set the foundation for your entire Prism experience. Following that, there will be social time for all in attendance to mingle and enjoy their first evening at the SBR. Prism will be in full swing!

We hope you enjoy the experience! The entire Prism staff is excited to see the program come alive upon your arrival! It will be a chance for you to reflect on your time in the OA thus far, as well as plan ahead for your future service! We will see you there!

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