Unified Operation Arrow headquarters team to bolster jamboree experience

In addition to Operation Arrow’s primary program areas, the Order of the Arrow will enhance the overall jamboree experience with small recreation, program, administrative services, Summit Center exhibit, aerial sports and non-emergency medical transportation staffs

As part of our unified headquarters team integrating programming and logistics, the recreation, program and administrative services teams will work alongside one another on a myriad of projects and tasks vital to the daily success of Operation Arrow. The responsibilities of these teams include:

  • Recreation will support jamboree staff, international Scouts, Explorer and Venturing participants in managing nightly activities and entertainment in Basecamp Echo
  • Program will enrich the OA staff experience through staff socials, daily communications efforts, gatherings, as well as reflections that emphasize our commitment to service 
  • Administrative Services will provide behind the scenes support managing logistics to ensure the entire OA team is running smoothly on a day-to-day basis 

Indeed, the organized coordination of these three integral teams will both cultivate a unique staffing experience and interaction with the broader jamboree program. As next summer approaches, staff members should expect to learn more about the internal staff program and how the headquarters team will strengthen their jamboree experience. 

We look forward to serving with you as we #FuelScoutingsAdventure in 2017!

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