Troop Representative in Unit Elections

Role of the OA Representative in Unit Elections

As the OA Representative for your Troop, your responsibility is to make sure that our Lodge/Chapter has a unit elections team scheduled to come to your unit. It is not, however, your role to conduct this election, unless you have been trained by the Lodge/Chapter and the OA leadership has asked you to perform the ceremony. At the same time as the unit election procedure, it might be useful to schedule a camp promotional visit from the OA.

Included in this area are materials that you can use to help in the planning process leading up to the election, including National Policy on Unit Elections, a backdating schedule for the unit election, and the actual unit election forms that need to be delivered to the Lodge/Chapter.

More Information:
National Policy on Unit Elections Membership Requirements
Unit Election Form (PDF)
Unit Election Backdating Calendar (PDF)

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