The Operation Arrow Region Challenge

The 2017 national jamboree is just 186 days away! With the BSA’s largest event being so close, we’re in the last push to recruit Arrowmen to join Operation Arrow, the OA’s staff at the national jamboree. Operation Arrow represents the largest OA service initiative at a national jamboree in our history, and we’re still 258 number of Arrowmen away from our goal of the 745 recruits we need to make Operation Arrow a success.

To reach this goal, our 2017 region chiefs have a special challenge for each of you! We are pleased to announce the 2017 Operation Arrow Region Challenge. It’s simple. We’ve calculated realistic recruitment goals for each of the regions to reach between now and the jamboree. These calculations are based on each region’s recruitment percentage to date, represented in the graphic below. Operation Arrow participants from the region that reaches its recruitment goal first will receive a special prize during the jamboree, which we’ll reveal to you at a later date. The recruitment goals are as follows:

  • Central: 69 recruits
  • Northeast: 64 recruits
  • Southern: 86 recruits
  • Western: 39 recruits

It’s up to YOU, the Arrowmen of the Central, Northeast, Southern and Western Regions, to meet these recruitment goals. We encourage those of you who have signed up for Operation Arrow to tell your friends to sign up too. If you have not yet signed up, please consider doing so. We want YOU to be part of the region that reaches its recruitment goal first, helps to fill Operation Arrow, and receives the special prize at the jamboree.

We’ll be tweeting at you between now and the jamboree to remind you of our goal. Be sure to follow 2017 Central Region Chief Taylor Giles at @OACentralChief, 2017 Northeast Region Chief Jon Hagenow at @OANorthChief, 2017 Southern Region Chief Harrison Fry at @OASouthChief, 2017 Western Region Chief Manny Lopez at @OAWestChief to get these updates.

Are you up for the challenge? Join us in making Operation Arrow and the 2017 national jamboree a success!

Yours in Scouting,

Taylor Giles
2017 Central Region Chief

Jon Hagenow
2017 Northeast Region Chief

Harrison Fry
2017 Southern Region Chief

Manny Lopez
2017 Western Region Chief

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