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Scouts and Scouters promise in the Scout Oath to do our duty to God. The Scout Law ends by reminding us that a Scout is reverent. As an official program of the Boy Scouts of America, the Order of the Arrow seeks to promote these principles in everyday life.

Many have found that servant leadership, as practiced in the OA, is a great way to live out their individual faith. Lodge functions and other OA events can be a way of putting faith into action.

The information contained in this section has been created to provide resources to lodge leadership to be able to provide an atmosphere that will encourage spiritual growth that is consistent with Scouting principles through prayer and worship.

The materials contained are “interfaith” worship material. It is designed so that a person from any faith background might be able to participate in worship and connect to the God of their understanding. It is not intended to combine all faiths or indicate that all faiths are the same, but rather allow space for anyone from any faith background to participate in a way meaningful to them. The language of Interfaith Services is encouraged instead of simply “chapel services” or “non-denominational services” (which may automatically imply Christian).

Contained on this page are a number of prayers for many different occasions, songs that are appropriate for use during Interfaith Services, detailed Interfaith Services, and an outline for an Interfaith Service that is less detailed in order to provide flexibility for those wishing to be creative.

The resources contained are a small sampling of the many resources available for use in leading Interfaith Services at Scouting events. Our hope is that this material will help as lodges continue to seek ways of providing quality worship opportunities for OA members that will encourage each of us to become better Scouts and Scouters.

Peace be with you.


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