Profile in Unselfish Service: Tyler Allen

By John Mazurie

The Order of the Arrow is full of opportunities to serve. 2013 Northeast Region Chief Tyler Allen found these opportunities within his own lodge and abroad at the BSA’s high adventure bases.


What involvement did you have in the Order as a youth?  

My involvement in the Order of the Arrow started in 2005, when I was elected at age twelve. Soon after the completion of my Ordeal, I became active on the Langundowi Lodge’s executive board, and served a few years as my district’s unit elections chairman. I served on many committees and was an active member of the ceremonial team as a youth. After a few years, I was elected to serve as the lodge treasurer, then the lodge programs vice chief and ultimately served as the lodge chief. Following my leadership roles in my home lodge, I ran for section chief in 2011 and was elected to serve as the NE-4A section chief. I held this position through our conclave and was reelected to serve another term in 2012. During the summer of 2012, I served as an Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure foreman at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base. That December, at the National Planning Meeting, I was elected to serve as the 2013 Northeast Region Chief.

Do you have a favorite memory or event from your experience as a youth?

It is hard to have one favorite memory, but one of my most memorable experiences as a youth was leading our crew up the Tooth of Time at Philmont Scout Ranch, in complete darkness, to watch the sun rise on our last day of the OA Trail Crew Program.

Do you regret not doing something as a youth Arrowman?  

My biggest regret as an Arrowman was not taking the time to experience our high adventure bases at a younger age. I made it to the Florida Sea Base when I was 19 years old, and I was 20 by the time I traveled to the Northwoods and experienced Northern Tier, and hiked in the high desert and majesty of Philmont.  

What is it that you would like to do later in life?

I graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2015 where I majored in Geology. I became interested in geology after earning the Geology merit badge at a local cave. Pursuing a career that allows me to be outside, explore, discover and give back to the scientific community is very important to me. Following graduate school, I would like to work for the National Park Service, the U.S. Geological Survey or become a professor and work in academia.  

What experience did you have with BSA High Adventure and OA High Adventure before becoming the OASE director?  

Before becoming the OA Summit Experience director, I had a solid background in OA High Adventure. In 2012 I served as an Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure foreman at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base. The following summer I participated in the OA Wilderness Voyage Program at Northern Tier and the OA Trail Crew Program at Philmont Scout Ranch.

What is your favorite part of the OASE program?  

My favorite part of the OA Summit Experience program is the trail building. The participants and staff of the OASE program have a wonderful opportunity to build “hike and bike” trail for The New River National River, National Park Service. The work we are doing for the National Park Service is very similar to the work that was done by the SummitCorps program in 2011.

Do you have any advice for youth looking at OAHA trips?  

These OA High Adventure programs open each Arrowman’s eyes to the beauty of our world and let the participant let go of everyday distractions and experience the principles of our Order. My advice to those Arrowmen who have not yet experienced one of our high adventure bases is to not wait until it is too late! Go and experience the Order of the Arrow at work. There is always funding available through lodge and section scholarships. In short: don’t miss out!

Do you have any advice for our youth Arrowmen in general?

I was told once, “If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right.”


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