Profile in unselfish service: Clint Takeshita

By John Mazurie

From lodge secretary, to national chief, to national committee member, Clint Takeshita has experienced many facets of the Order of the Arrow program. Currently, Clint is the National Order of the Arrow Committee vice chairman for the membership and retention task force, which has the vision of increasing OA membership retention to improve OA and BSA membership growth and to maximize the number of young people experiencing OA programs. On top of that, Clint is also the deputy NOAC chairman for program, where he is responsible for the committees that are planning the program aspects of our centennial conference.

Besides his work on the committee, he also serves on his council’s executive board and camping committee. Previously, Clint has served as the adviser of Section W-3A and was the Western Region National Leadership Seminar coordinator. Clint is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor member of Ohlone Lodge and a recipient of the Founder’s and Distinguished Service Awards.

Clint resides in Dublin, California with his wife and two daughters. He graduated from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California with a major in finance. Clint worked several years in consulting and now works for Cisco Systems. When he is not hard at work or busy with the OA, he spends his free time entertaining his daughters.

Clint first became involved on the National Order of the Arrow Committee in 1991 during his term as national chief. Clint served for a few years and was reappointed in 2000. During his time, he reminds us that like all other national committee members, he is financially responsible for the events which he attends and the transportation costs involved. Clint also offers an important piece of advice that has helped him on the national committee and to become the person he is today. “Learn to say ‘no’, but never just say ‘no.’ Similarly, if you don’t agree with a decision that has been made, it’s okay to disagree, but don’t just disagree; provide some alternative thoughts and suggestions. It’s all about creating solutions and not dead ends.”

Reflecting on his time in Scouting, he notes that one of his favorite experiences was his time as national chief. “Traveling throughout the country at a relatively young age opened my eyes to how vast Scouting and the Order is.” He loved meeting new people and building friendships with people in every corner of the country. Clint describes his travels as “A huge and positive impact on me and my outlook on the Order and Scouting. The hospitality that I experienced is something I will never forget and I strive to pay back.” Clint cannot imagine himself today had he not taken his Ordeal and missing out on meeting so many people that are now some of his best friends.

Looking ahead, Clint is extremely excited about the centennial year and all that it entails. He is also eager for the road beyond the centennial as the Order will continue to improve and build upon its program. Clint hints at a national lodge leadership summit in 2016 for the intention of socialization between lodge leaders, as well as obtain feedback for the next Strategic Plan and experiment with new national event program concepts. In his thirty years as an active member of the Order of the Arrow, he cannot think of a more exciting time to be an Arrowman.

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