Operation Arrow to host memorable closing gathering

By Cory Johnson and Will Nabity

After nearly two weeks of service with the largest-ever Order of the Arrow staff in jamboree history and an anticipated 13,000 hours of service and 1,000 miles trekked, Operation Arrow staff will have a final chance to gather and reflect on the time spent together.

The closing gathering will take place on Wednesday, July 26th at 8pm on the Operation Arrow headquarters hill in Basecamp Echo and is intended for all Operation Arrow staff.

Led by 2017 National Chief Forrest Gertin, the gathering will present Arrowmen with the opportunity to decide the winner of Operation Arrow's Got Talent and reflect on their week of service to the jamboree.

Features will include recognizing the national officers and all Operation Arrow staff, review of pictures and videos of how Arrowmen fueled Scouting’s adventure and a feature on future national OA events: the inaugural OA Hackathon and the 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference.

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