Operation Essentials - What to pack #5

By Anthony Peluso

Often, packing for a camping trip can seem quite monotonous. As we gear up for 2017, Project 2013 alumni will be sharing their thoughts on some of the unique and nifty essentials that we feel are necessary for a dynamic jamboree experience. While we may recommend particular brands, we recognize that there are a variety of options that may better fit your preference, whether for financial reasons or simply taste. In 2017, be sure to expect a more comprehensive packing list from jamboree leadership.

In exactly five months, hundreds of Arrowmen will gather at the Summit Bechtel Reserve to serve in a variety of roles. During our stay at SBR, the sun will be down for half the time at the jamboree. In order to still be effective in our respective responsibilities while it is dark out, the Operation Arrow team suggests that you invest in a reliable flashlight or headlamp. 

Ryan Waldrop, a Trek Guide during Project 2013, used a Black Diamond Spot Headlamp while he covered the trail at night. 

Waldrop commented, “That headlamp lasted me throughout the duration of the jamboree, and was a nice investment rather than having to hold a flashlight every night. I made sure to pack about a dozen AAA batteries, since the headlamp would use three at a time. Also, whenever I turned it on, it would flash the remaining battery life for three seconds. This way I would know if I should pack extra batteries with me at the start of the day.” He went on to say, “The headlamp is even waterproof, so I’ve had nothing to worry about whenever it has rained while I’m using it.”

Our team asks that you consider the following aspects when you decide on a headlamp or flashlight to purchase:

  • Rating: Does the flashlight/headlamp have quality reviews from reliable sources? Go to your local REI or other outdoor gear supplier and ask the staff what they would recommend for your time at the jamboree.
  • Durability: Does your headlamp have a history of dying on you unexpectedly, thus leaving you without a source of light? 
  • Distance: Can the light shine at full strength at a far enough distance? Make sure to read the entire description either online or on the box before purchasing. 

Ultimately, it is important to remember that when dealing with any type of technology, you never know what may happen. To be cautious, it is recommended that you pack a backup source of light - or two!

Some options to consider, including the Black Diamond Headlamp Ryan used, can be found below: 

If you are a Project 2013 alumni or current Operation Arrow staffer interested in sharing a unique essential with us for an upcoming feature, send your recommendations to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

For information on past essentials we have recommended, as well as other general jamboree and staff information, be sure to visit our hub.

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