Operation Essentials - What to Pack #4

Often, packing for a camping trip can seem quite monotonous. As we gear up for 2017, Project 2013 alumni will be sharing their thoughts on some of the unique and nifty essentials that we feel are necessary for a dynamic jamboree experience. While we may recommend particular brands, we recognize that there are a variety of options that may better fit your preference, whether for financial reasons or simply taste. In 2017, be sure to expect a more comprehensive packing list from jamboree leadership.

In a little more than six months, hundreds of Arrowmen will converge upon the Summit Bechtel Reserve to serve in a variety of roles. Regardless of role, you can expect that all staff members will be walking around the Summit Bechtel Reserve... a lot! To keep your feet ready to tackle the roads, trails, and hills during the jamboree, the Operation Arrow team suggests that you invest in a sturdy, dependable pair of hiking boots.

Matthew McGovern, an associate chapter adviser for the Trek Guides during Project 2013, used a pair of well-worn Vasque boots for the duration of the jamboree. 

McGovern noted that, “Those Vasque boots served me well for a number of years and hikes, from the Rockies to the Catskills. Having them broken in beforehand made them all the more effective in keeping my feet safe from blisters.” He also noted that, “The high tops kept my ankles safe from rolling or twisting as I hiked around the jamboree site, and the GORE-TEX lining kept my feet dry during those sudden West Virginia afternoon storms.”

Our team asks that you consider the following aspects when identifying a pair of hiking boots or shoes best suited to you:

  • Rating: What do hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts have to say about the boots you’re considering? Go to your local REI or Eastern Mountain Sports and ask the staff which pair they would recommend for your jamboree experience.
  • Durability: Can it withstand the rugged terrain and action packed days of the jamboree at SBR? Will the lining keep your feet dry in the mud and rain?
  • Padding: Will the boots protect the entire sole of your heel, as well as your ankles?

Some options to consider- including Vasque boots similar to Matthew’s- can be found below: 

If you are a Project 2013 alumni or current Operation Arrow staffer interested in sharing a unique essential with us for an upcoming feature, send your recommendations to operationarrow@oa-bsa.org.

For information on past essentials we have recommended, as well as other general jamboree and staff information, be sure to visit our hub.

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