Operation Essentials - What to Pack #3

Often, packing for a camping trip can seem quite monotonous. As we gear up for 2017, Project 2013 alumni will be sharing their thoughts on some of the unique and nifty essentials that we feel are necessary for a dynamic jamboree experience. While we may recommend particular brands, we recognize that there are a variety of options that may better fit your preference, whether for financial reasons or simply taste. In 2017, be sure to expect a more comprehensive packing list from jamboree leadership.

In less than a year, Arrowmen will converge upon the Summit Bechtel Reserve to serve in a variety of roles. Some will lead treks to Garden Ground Mountain while others will provide support as part of the Aerial Sports Team. Even with this diversity of responsibilities, you can expect that all staff members will sweat… a lot! To stay hydrated and ready to tackle the jamboree, the Operation Arrow team suggests that you invest in at least one sturdy water bottle.

Taylor Bobrow, a member of the Program Team during Project 2013, could always be spotted carrying his 21 oz. Hydroflask bottle to stay cool and hydrated. 

Bobrow remarked that, “What continually impresses me is the Hydroflask’s ability to keep water very cold for very long.” He also noted that, “The bottle's powder coating stops the bottle from sweating, keeping my other packed belongings dry.”

Our team asks that you consider the following aspects when identifying a water bottle best suited for you:

  • Portability: Water represents a large majority of what you will carry around for 2.5 weeks at the jamboree. How will it store it in your daypack so that is most convenient for you?
  • Durability: Can it withstand the rugged terrain and action packed days of the jamboree at SBR? Will it sweat or leak on your belongings?
  • Insulation: Can it withstand the afternoon heat of the West Virginian summer weather?

For options outside of Taylor’s Hydroflask, check out some of the following water bottles: 

If you are a Project 2013 alumni or current Operation Arrow staffer interested in sharing a unique essential with us for an upcoming feature, send your recommendations to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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