Operation Essentials - What to Pack #2

Often, packing for a camping trip can seem quite monotonous. As we gear up for 2017, Project 2013 alumni will be sharing their thoughts on some of the unique and nifty essentials that we feel are necessary for a dynamic jamboree experience. While we may recommend particular brands, we recognize that there are a variety of options that may better fit your preference, whether for financial reasons or simply taste. In 2017, be sure to expect a more comprehensive packing list from jamboree leadership.

While many days at the Summit Bechtel Reserve will be bright and sunny, there will be times when the weather will take a turn and Scouts need to be prepared for rain and heavy storms. Heavy rainfall is not uncommon during the summer months at the SBR and having appropriate rain gear will be very important for everyone on our team.

Kelsey Files, a Trek Guide during Project 2013, sported his Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket for the rainy days at Garden Ground Mountain. 

“It struck the right balance between being able to keep me dry from the rain, but not too watertight that it made me sweat inside the jacket,” Files noted. “It’s also very packable, allowing you the room needed for your other trail essentials. No one wants to drag around a bulky jacket.”

Our team asks that you consider the following aspects when identifying a rain jacket best suited for you:

  • Compactness: Will you be able to amply travel to and around the Summit Bechtel Reserve with it?
  • Water-repellency: Will it maintain its resistance after multiple uses? Will it be able to keep you dry for a prolonged period of time? 
  • Durability: Can it withstand the ever-changing West Virginian summer weather?
  • Comfort: Will it be able to keep you dry for a prolonged period of time? Is it breathable enough so you stay dry on the inside of the jacket?

If you are a Project 2013 alumni or current Operation Arrow staffer interested in sharing a unique essential with us for an upcoming feature, send your recommendations to operationarrow@oa-bsa.org.

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