OAHA Village C-3A Conclave

By Mitch Pierpont

Who thought that conclave could be an adventure? For most sections, it is their biggest event of the year and a chance to showcase the things that the member lodges and section do best. Section C-3A is no different. This year at its section conclave, attendees had a chance to experience the true spirit of adventure through the OA High Adventure village. This new attraction gave Scouts the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the high adventure experience that the Order of the Arrow has to offer.

In the morning, Arrowmen were treated to an intense training session where they learned about each of the high adventure bases. Trainers explained what makes each base unique and the amazing opportunities they have to offer. Furthermore, Scouts learned helpful hints from past participants of the OA High Adventure programs such as travel tips to and, from their high adventure excursion, important gear they should pack and information about the OA Triple Crown Award; the pinnacle of high adventure awards.

As the day went on, past foremen running the OA High Adventure Village did some campfire cooking similar to the style at Northern Tier. Arrowmen coming to the village would sit and enjoy some well-prepared meals and talk about dining like kings in the wilderness. Once they had finished eating, there was a chance for them to browse the gear library and test out some of the equipment. They could put on a backpack from Philmont Scout Ranch, feel tools used to build mountain bike trails from the Summit Bechtel Reserve, and take their chances to portage a canoe from Northern Tier. Lastly, Scouts who had already participated in OAHA got a chance to sign the broken kayak that was pulled from a waterfall at Northern Tier, an iconic symbol of OA High Adventure in the Central Region.

Past Section C-3A Chief Mitch Leonard gave his thoughts on the innovative OA High Adventure Village. “I believe the OAHA Village was an integral part of our conclave, because it showed younger Arrowmen what they can look forward to in their Scouting careers,” Leonard said. “This program has also never been done before so this will allow us to show the region how OAHA can be presented in its truest form. Overall, everyone who visited the OAHA Village had a great time and was engaged with the OAHA program.”

The Arrowmen from Section C-3A enjoyed the promotion and demonstration of the high adventure programs, and the Scouts really benefited. Truly an innovative way to present the OA High Adventure program, it gives Arrowmen a physical way of interacting with each opportunity and ignites the spirit of adventure within. Consider adding a similar program to your conclave!

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