OA High Adventure program to hold memorable gathering during jamboree

OAHA Gathering

By Anthony Peluso

Have you attended an OA High Adventure (OAHA) program? Are you looking to reconnect with some of your old crew members? Are you thinking about attending an OAHA program next summer? Would you like to hear more about past participant’s experiences? If you fall into any of these categories, consider attending the OAHA Gathering on Sunday, July 23rd, from 8-10pm at Basecamp Echo by the OA recreation area. The gathering will provide a forum to interact with past participants and foreman. 

Five-time OA High Adventure participant Seth Greiling said of the program, “OAHA is a truly unforgettable experience. The program, activities and overall experience is second to none.” Greiling reflected that, “The biggest reason to attend OAHA, though, is because of the lifelong friendships that you will make with the members of your crew. Every crew that I have been a part of felt like family, whether it was my first time or my fifth!”

The OAHA Gathering  is open to program alumni and all interested Arrowmen who are attending the 2017 National Jamboree, so stop by and bring a friend. Seth will be there… will you?

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