Not So Long Ago, In a Lodge Not Too Far Away

By Andrew Lindhome

One of the toughest and most consistent challenges for any lodge is the ability to host successful events. An often essential component for an event, especially a fellowship weekend, is a unique event theme. The leadership of Sequoyah Lodge knew this, and after deliberation, planned their lodge’s fellowship around a Star Wars theme.

It all started last May when the idea of a Star Wars themed fall fellowship was pitched to the lodge chief. The idea was approved, and the event was carried out from September 12-14. While the idea of the theme certainly had appeal, the success of the event relied on how the lodge actually incorporated the theme into its event. When asked about how the lodge mixed Star Wars into its activities, Lodge Chief Anthony Johnson stated that the lodge, “had both traditional and modern activities” which appealed to all attending members. Johnson elaborated by saying that there were teambuilding and confidence-building activities that incorporated Star Wars motifs into them. The lodge also set up several video game systems that allowed lodge members to play Star Wars: Battlefront, a popular Star Wars video game.

Johnson claimed that the event saw a slight increase in membership attendance compared to other fellowships. He stated that the event was a big success and said, “It was the best one I’ve been to in a while.” He was pleased that the youth had a great time with the Star Wars themed events and that the adults were happy running the rifle range and other activities.

One interesting addition that Johnson mentioned was the lodge’s policy to use dues revenue to allow brand new members to attend the fellowship for free. This certainly incentivized the new, enthusiastic members to attend the event, hopefully leading to continual participation.

The leadership of Sequoyah Lodge realized that they needed a unique theme for their fall fellowship, and they took their Star Wars idea and ran with it. Designing their activities with a unique theme encouraged increased youth attendance. The challenge for Sequoyah now is to take the momentum and continue to provide unique, stimulating program.

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