NOAC 2015: 100 years in the making

When even the smallest drop of water touches the vast ocean, it creates a ripple that extends outward infinitely. As more drops fall into the massive body of water, their ripples join together to form enormous waves, large enough to impact anything in their path. The most powerful waves that crash onto the shore began as the tiniest drop of water from the sky.

The Order of the Arrow gathers this week to celebrate the first 100 years of its existence. In the 100 hours that each guest will have at this week’s conference, they’ll reflect on the first 100 years, but also ask: what comes next? What do even the first 100 days of the next century look like? 

Over the 100 hours of this conference, each guest will be challenged to create tomorrow with action today. Each person’s actions, or inactions, define what tomorrow looks like. Creating the kind of world we want begins today, and it starts with us.

Arrowmen not at the conference can experience portions of the conference through and several streaming events planned throughout the week at

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