NEXT Strategy

By Nate Steele

NEXT delegates will face tough problems as they look beyond into the second century of the Order of the Arrow. Some of these problems may seem familiar and some will be daunting, but each lodge selected delegates who can be the ones to solve these problems. The topics of membership engagement, program diversity and communication will be at the center of many of these discussions. Throughout NEXT, these delegates will have the unique opportunity to help shape the next strategic plan for the OA.
NEXT delegates can better prepare themselves for their task ahead by contemplating the following:
1. Why is your lodge sending you as a delegate?
2. What do you hope to learn at NEXT while surrounded by the select group of leaders from around the country?
3. What three things will you be able to teach your fellow brothers?
Throughout each day, delegates will be asked questions similar to these. By utilizing each delegates firsthand knowledge and expertise to shape the Order’s next strategic plan, we can determine the direction the OA will take for the many years to come. As delegates from across the nation, we are depending on you to help shape our Order. Be excited and energized for NEXT!

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