MS Word Format Information

The online versions of some documents on this web site are in Microsoft Word (TM) format. This format is usually used for documents that are intended to be modifed by local lodges. The Word format allows these documents to easily edited as needed.

To view a program in Word format, you either need a copy of Microsoft Word, or a special free program that can view and print a MS Word format document. Several different free "Word Viewer" programs are available. Your system may already have Word installed, or you can download a Word Viewer program from the Microsoft web site.

Note: The documents on this site require the Word 2007 version or higher of MS Word or a MS Word Viewer. If you have an earlier version, you will not be able to properly view these files. Some files on this site may be viewable with older versions, but others will fail to open or give error messages when accessed.

If you need to download the free Word Viewer from Microsoft, please select the link below:

Link to MS Word Viewer Download for PCs

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