Lodge Ledger: National officers encourage use of centennial totem


Last year, after a diligent nationwide competition, the Order of the Arrow unveiled its centennial totem and logo. Since then, the centennial totem has become a cornerstone of our centennial identity, and you are encouraged to work the totem into memorabilia and materials commemorating this special milestone in our history. To help better understand the identity’s correct use, we have provided an example of a centennial lodge flap from Bobwhite Lodge which services the Georgia-Carolina Council, along with some general notes:

  • Designs, like this one, that feature the totem in dimensions smaller than 2” x 2” should use the simplified full color totem.
  • The totem must include all of the following components: the white arrowhead, the red triangular centerpiece, the black stylized spokes and the white enclosing circle if displayed on a background color other than white.
  • The white enclosing circle acts as a buffer zone for the totem. Patch design elements and other objects may not penetrate the enclosing circle.
  • The totem may not be altered in any way.

Secondly, the centennial logo was not the only item built around the centennial totem. The Order has also developed a centennial logo family that ties together the totem and carefully crafted word marks to recognize our legacy of service. The family includes three logo sets, which can be utilized depending on your audience. We have provided an example of a baseball cap that uses the standard centennial logo from Catawba Lodge which services the Mecklenburg County Council, accompanied by some general comments on using the logo:

  • The standard logo set should be included on any centennial anniversary creative materials whose audiences include both Scouts and Arrowmen.
  • The logo may not be altered in any way.
  • The logo may appear in full color or one color and may appear on a reversed background.
  • The logo may be used on products as authorized by the BSA.

For a complete list of guidelines and more information about the correct use of the totem and/or logo, we encourage you to reference the Centennial Anniversary Brand Guidelines. It’s our hope that through the correct use of both of these symbolic, visual elements, we will be able to present a unified identity throughout our centennial celebration to Scouting and our nation.

Yours in service,

Alex and Donnie

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