Lodge Ledger: Arrowmen aid in camp revamp

By Gabriel Martinez

Over the last few months, Arrowmen from Mic-O-Say Lodge have been a driving force for a revamp of their local council’s camp. The Western Colorado Council has invested in the local camp by improving its features including the new amphitheater, which was the focal point of the lodge’s project.

Ashton Alexander Albright, lodge chief, described the project as the largest project undertaken in the lodge’s history. To take on this formidable task, Albright divided the project into smaller parts for his vice chiefs, with each person handling a separate area of the amphitheater. The efforts of the lodge executive committee (LEC) found architects, as well as knowledgeable people in construction. The LEC gave its aid to the council via the camp director who helped oversee the project. Through constant communication, the executive committee provided the council with as much support as possible in the planning phase, but this was only the beginning.

When the time came to break ground, Albright and his lodge were ready to help. Obviously, some of the work required trained hands who had previous experience in construction, but for any other task the Arrowmen were actively involved. From mixing cement and applying it to clearing the work area for more vehicles to be allowed in, Mic-O-Say’s members were always at the ready. After months and months of planning and an additional month of hard work, the project was complete: a brand new amphitheater was made available to the local Scouting community!

Albright said, "The amphitheater was needed for more than our camp shows, fires or other activities. The amphitheater sets the scene for a classic Scouting time. It serves as a physical gateway to the Scouting spirit of cheerfulness; it’s part of the camp life."

“I find the aspect of a functioning lodge/council relationship to be great,” said Albright as he reflected on the project his local Scouting community had undertaken.

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