Lodge Program Resource Videos

The National Committee of the Order of the Arrow has developed various video tools to assist lodges in the delivery of the Order of the Arrow program. Below, lodges will find a collection of videos, previously only available on VHS and DVD through the national Order of the Arrow office. All videos are conveniently saved in sufficient quality for lodges to use in presentations at banquets, or at unit promotions.

Files are saved in MOV and MP4 formats. MOV format can be opened using Apple QuickTime or iTunes. MP4 can be played on most modern devices without additional software. When you click on the link below you will be prompted to save the file as. Please help us keep our bandwidth down by saving the files for later use.

Currently the following videos are available for download:

Lodge Program

Conducting A Quality Unit Election [72 MB, MOV | 39 MB, MP4]

Need some help improving unit elections in your lodge? This video will assist in training your unit elections teams to provide a quality experience to units in your council.

Electing New Members Unit Elections [High Quality 327 MB, MP4 | Standard Quality 90.1 MB, MP4]

This video contains a brief summary of the Order of the Arrow and its programs as well as an explanation of the election procedures. It is an invaluable resource to unit election teams.

Founder's Award Video [49 MB, MOV | 36.7 MB, MP4]

This newly remastered video explains the purpose of the Founder's Award and is recommended for showing prior to the awards presentation.

OA High Adventure

The OA High Adventure Videos are available for download and viewing by visiting the OA High Adventure Web Site's videos page

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