Lodge Ledger: The NEXT Factor: your steps to being an integral part of our second century

By Travis Broadhurst

Do you have a great idea that you have always wanted to share with other Arrowmen? Something that is truly revolutionary, something that could change the Order of the Arrow as we know it? The next big idea? Your 2016 region chiefs are looking for you! They are searching for the best and brightest ideas from lodges across the country to share with Arrowmen everywhere. They need your help.

This summer at Indiana University, over 400 lodge leaders will converge at NEXT: A New Century. NEXT will be a conference unlike any other, focused on membership, program and innovation on a national scale. You can be a part of this exciting movement through “The NEXT Factor.” Over the course of the next five months, Arrowmen will be able to submit ideas to the region chiefs. Together, they will develop the ideas into programs that Arrowmen will present to the entire nation at NEXT this August.

Lodges can begin by submitting short videos that describe their program or idea. The idea must pertain to lodge programs, membership retention or innovation. Videos should be one minute long and are due by May 1st, 2016. After submission, the region chiefs will select two ideas per region to work with and develop for presentation. They will look for ideas that challenge the limits of OA; ideas that push all of us to make our lodges, chapters and units better and help foster strong program. Finally, the chosen Arrowmen will be able to present their idea at the NEXT Factor finals! The submissions not initially chosen by region chiefs will be sent to the Innovation Center at NEXT, where Arrowmen can keep working to refine their idea in hopes of joining the NEXT Factor finals.

At the finals, OA leaders from across the nation will be able to vote on the next great idea. The winning lodge will receive a major prize, but every idea will be shared and considered for implementation on a larger level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and show the nation what your lodge can do for our Order! For more information and official competition and submission rules, go to oa-bsa.org/next-factor. With the help of Arrowmen from across the country, we will be able to reach incredible heights and soar into the NEXT century.

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