Lodge Ledger: Region chiefs offer guidance on submitting lodge history books

Dear lodge leaders,

Your lodge is enriched with history and our goal is to preserve these stories for years to come. We’ve created Legacy Project 2015 to encapsulate the Order of the Arrow’s history with specially engraved lodge legacy rocks, artistically designed legacy lids and lodge history books.  

The lodge history books are the final piece to the Legacy Project 2015 and include a list of past lodge chiefs and leadership, founders recipients and mergers. The intention for your history book is that it is shared with all lodge members in addition to being submited to the national database (In PDF form) found here: https://www.hightail.com/dropbox?dropbox=oa-bsa.

We recognize some history may be hard to reach, this is where requesting information on your lodge’s rich history may come in handy. By emailing lodge_history@email.oa-bsa.org, lodge leadership can request crucial lodge history information. This includes a lodge history card, Vigil Honor recipients, Founder’s Award recipients, Distinguished Service Award recipients as well as lodge merger history spreadsheets & maps. The lodge history cards can provide information for lodges missing information from 1951-1964. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to complete the Legacy Project 2015 before arriving at NOAC this summer.

See you soon, as we continue to celebrate the Order of the Arrow’s centennial anniversary!

Yours in Service,

2015 Region Chiefs

Joey Dierdorf
2015 Central Region Chief
Matt Bell
2015 Northeast Region Chief
Alexander Leach
2015 Southern Region Chief
Nathan Lee
2015 Western Region Chief

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