Lodge Ledger: Lodge organizes trail crew to continue providing service started during ArrowCorps5

By Nicholas Goldrosen

Two trails snake through the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson National Forests and the Finley Albright Scout Reservation. To most hikers, the trails are like any others. Yet, these footpaths have a special legacy for Nawakwa Lodge of the Heart of Virginia Council. The Covington Trail and the Albright Project combine for a total eight miles of hard work, sweat and dedication.

The Covington Trail, the first of the lodge’s projects, was a continuation of an ArrowCorps5 project and connects the ArrowCorps5 work to other existing trails. This project was finished by members of the lodge as well as Section SR-7A in 2012.

The lodge’s latest project is in the Finley Albright Scout Reservation. The trail in Albright is a five-mile, figure-8 loop trail with an entry trail, and all the trails convene at an Adirondack shelter, which was renovated and expanded by the lodge. The entry trail is Americans with Disabilities Act – or ADA – accessible, allowing wheelchairs to access the Adirondack shelter. The loop is also connected to existing trails and wilderness campsites. Nawakwa Lodge Trail Crew Chairman Codey Daul noted that the trail is an important addition to the Albright Scout Reservation and will see great use in the coming years.

Daul also described the administration of the lodge’s well-established trail crew program. A committee of approximately five youth, along with adult advisers, supervises the projects and hosts events for trail construction. At the work days for the Albright project, Daul said between 50 and 80 Arrowmen showed up for each event.

The project was financed with a mix of lodge and committee funds, a National OA Service Grant and revenue from merchandise sales. The lodge’s final write-up noted that the service grant was “instrumental in making this project happen.” It also stated, “This trail system has been an invaluable addition to the Albright Scout Reservation. It will be utilized by Scouts, Cubs and Venturers throughout our council and the area. It would not have happened without this service grant.”

The idea for the trail crew, Daul said, came from a desire to leave a mark. “We wanted to leave a legacy for our future members,” Dual said. “We wanted them to be able to see the trails, to see what their brothers had completed.”

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