Lodge Ledger: Watonala Lodge Flickr documents recent history

By Daniel Marion

Watonala Lodge, located out of east Mississippi, has a unique way of storing lodge history with a modern twist: preserving it in an online photo storage drive called Flickr.

Flickr is a website where people can upload photos and share them with the public. The lodge's account was established back in 2009 by the Jordan Moore, who was lodge secretary at the time. He submitted pictures of lodge and national events to their lodge's Flickr account. Pictures from conclaves and winter fellowships to the NLS that took place in Mississippi back in 2010 were all uploaded.

"Capturing our guys running around and doing service together is important in that it shows the newer guys how much fun we have in the OA," Watonala Lodge Chief Joshua Brownlee explained.

"It is a great thing to use. I think units and councils should use it too!" Brownlee continued. With an Ordeal weekend quickly approaching, Watonala Lodge plans to upload countless amounts of pictures and memories. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this Flickr account would be considered an encyclopedia. Pictures are the key to our past as it preserves our historic customs and traditions in the Order of the Arrow.

To see the unique form of preservation yourself, check out Watonala's Flickr.

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