Centennial Fire Take-Home Ceremony

One of the highlights of the centennial conference was the special rededication ceremony at the Centennial Fire, which capped off the four year Legacy Project that kicked off at NOAC 2012. The Centennial Fire was kindled by National Chief Alex Call, National Vice Chief Donnie Stephens and National Chairman Ray Capp using wood symbolic of our Order’s first 100 years – charred logs from the ceremonial grounds at Treasure Island Scout Camp, wood from Dr. Goodman’s Brotherhood Barn and remains from the new national ceremonial grounds at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. During Monday evening’s show, the Centennial Fire was lit for the first time in front of a crowd of 15,000 brothers.

Over the course of the conference, guests participated in the rededication ceremony, which offered a unique opportunity for reflection and thought amidst the hustle and bustle of NOAC. As part of this ceremony, representatives from lodges across the nation fueled the Centennial Fire with wood collected from each lodge’s home territory and reflective of its own rich and cherished history. As the Centennial Fire was extinguished, the resulting ash was collected and placed inside special bottles given to each lodge to take home after NOAC.

To bring the story and message of the Centennial Fire to a broader audience of Arrowmen, the OA has developed a special ceremony for use in chapters, lodges and sections. This ceremony is designed for use only during the Order’s centennial anniversary, but can be conducted as many times as desired during this time. Participants in the ceremony will feed the council fire and rededicate themselves to the principles of the Order of the Arrow.

The Home-Fire Ceremony is available for download today as part of the NOAC post-conference resource package. Lodges are encouraged to take part in this unique celebration of our past, present and future as we celebrate the Order’s 100th anniversary and begin our next century of service.

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