Centennial “OA Year of Service” program evolving and transitioning

By Forrest Gertin

After the 2013 National Planning Meeting, the Order of the Arrow announced a program, the OA Year of Service. This program was designed to be a massive service effort by local lodges, one which would become Scouting’s biggest gift to America. Each lodge was to be responsible for mobilizing their Arrowmen to participate in a concentrated service project that would leave a lasting impact on the community. However, this project will be taken in a new direction.

Following a great deal of thought, the OA Year of Service program has become something new: an exciting concept that will be even more impactful than the original plan. Instead of requiring lodges to handle extra organization and mobilization issues stemming from the former OA Year of Service, this new initiative will not burden lodges. In fact, the new concept goes beyond lodge-specific efforts, connecting not only Arrowmen, but also those outside of the Boy Scouts of America. Lodges will be free to promote this effort as they see fit, and are encouraged to do so once the program is revealed.

As this is the capstone of the entire centennial celebration, it is fitting that it be a major part of the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference. The big reveal will thrill Arrowmen at the conference, and will be broadcast live for anyone’s viewing at www.oa-bsa.org!

ArrowTour venues across the country will also be part of this effort by spreading the message and setting the stage for everyone who attends. To experience these elements of the ArrowTour program, find a nearby venue at arrowtour.oa-bsa.org/schedule and attend!

This new concept will tie together the entire centennial, and be the most impactful effort undertaken by the Order of the Arrow. It will simplify the work required of local lodges, and eliminate the need for advanced planning. As National Chairman Ray Capp stated, “I think you’ll be as thrilled as we are when we unveil the idea at NOAC 2015.” Keep celebrating the centennial and Be Prepared to embrace this exciting new effort once it is announced at NOAC 2015!

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