Lodge Ledger: Two lodges, two coasts, one Order

By Reed Powell

Over the last few years, the Order of the Arrow has had the privilege of overseeing the creation of two new lodges. The formation of a new lodge is rare today; before 2012 the newest lodge that was not created through a council merger was Achsin Lodge, which was formed in 1970. Here is the scoop on the latest in the Order's newest lodges.

Formed in 2013, Kintecoying Lodge, which means “crossroads of nations,” serves the New York City area. Prior to this, five different lodges covered the city. The Order of the Arrow has had a presence in NYC since 1920 but only now, after 93 years, the brothers were united under one roof. The lodge is continuing to see impressive membership growth, inducting 42 new Ordeal members in October.

Just a few months after their formation, Kintecoying hosted the NE-2B Section Conclave. The lodge is active on the section level, with their current section vice chief, Sam Messenger, and section secretary, Nicholas Goldrosen, from their lodge. Kintecoying hosted an Indian Seminar and a Powwow in November, seeing much success. And just a few weeks ago, they received a 2015 OA Service Grant to construct a new shotgun shooting range at Camp Keowa. Congratulations to them!

Kintecoying also hosted their first annual banquet at Top China Buffet in January. Their highlight was the presentation of the Founder’s Award, lodge member James Shaughnessy became the 2015 recipient of the award.

Almost 2,500 miles away, another lodge is experiencing outstanding results after its first few years. After inducting 53 Scouts during its first Ordeal, Puvunga Lodge is booming with success. Before its creation in 2012 the Long Beach Area Council had never had an OA lodge. Their name translates to “the gathering place,” and the lodge totem is a porpoise. Due to their small area size in Los Angeles, they are able to participate with the neighboring lodges that are twenty minutes to an hour away which becomes a great opportunity to bond with other brothers and learn more about other lodges and their ideas.

Standing at around 90 members, our brothers in Puvunga have been steadily growing their membership. They have received much guidance from Section W-4S and the Western Region since their creation in 2012. Puvunga conducted their first Ordeal Ceremony using their own members this past fall. It sent a delegation to the 2012 NOAC and is sending a contingent to the 2015 NOAC as well. It has taken full advantage of the Lodge Leadership Development program and is training its Arrowmen. Come this spring, the lodge will be able to hold its very first Vigil Honor selection and induction.

One of the most exciting things this lodge has done is something that few other lodge have attempted before. At its annual lodge banquet in January, not only did it have over 90 people in attendance, but it also hosted six national officers! 2012 National Chief John Rehm, 2014 National Chief Nick Dannemiller, 2011 Western Region Chief Joseph Garcia, 2012 Western Region Chief Joe Barton, 2013 Western Region Chief David Dye and 2014 Western Region Chief Michael Kintscher were all present at the banquet.  It was the opportunity of a lifetime for those in attendance.

From the first lodge formed (Unami) to to our most recent (Puvunga), lodges from across the country have provided Scouts with the opportunity to be inducted into our brotherhood. We congratulate Kintecoying and Puvunga on their successes and we look forward to many more as we move forward into our second century of service.  

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