Lodge Ledger: Centennial Blaze #13: The 2015 NOAC theme

This August, 15,000 Arrowmen will gather at the National OA Conference to celebrate our Order’s centennial anniversary. Guests can expect the 2015 NOAC theme, It Starts With Us, to be central to many of the activities, shows and training opportunities at the conference.

Under the leadership of National Vice Chief Donnie Stephens, each conference committee is expected to integrate the conference theme, It Starts With Us, and the conference learning objective, “create tomorrow with action today,” into the programs they will put on for conference guests. The leadership of this conference will work to make the theme come to life for all Arrowmen in attendance more than any conference before.

100 years after one man’s idea that people should live a life dedicated to the service of others rippled into the Order as we know it today, a new generation of Scouts will spend 100 hours contemplating how our actions define what tomorrow looks like, beginning with the 100 days after the conference.

Just as a band of brothers created and performed a small ceremony in 1915 that rippled into an organization that has impacted the lives of millions, the group of guests and staff at NOAC 2015 will individually contribute to the Order’s next century of service. This will create a forceful movement that when combined together, with the actions of others, will determine what starts with us.

The 2015 NOAC theme was revealed during the 2014 National Planning Meeting. Additional information on the theme is available on the theme announcement page.

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