Lodge Charter Renewal

Lodge Charter Renewal


  • Each lodge operates under a charter granted by the national council and must apply annually for renewal.  The charter renewal process provides a systematic opportunity for the lodge officers and advisers to review the accomplishments of the lodge during the previous 12-month period.
  • It is important that the charter review provide an opportunity for officers and advisers to meet with the Scout executive to establish plans and actions for the coming year.
  • Proper use of the charter renewal process will produce positive results to benefit both the lodge and the council.

Charter Renewal Timeline*

The Scout executive makes a formal announcement of the annual appointment of the lodge adviser and staff adviser for the next lodge charter year.
Nov. 1
Lodge adviser and staff adviser meet with lodge officers to prepare charter renewal papers.  Complete all information of the lodge charter renewal except section B (Council Approval).

Click here for the Lodge Charter Renewal Instructions
Nov. 30
Complete the Journey to Excellence, E. Urner Goodman Camping Award and National Service Award petitions.
Nov. 30
Arrange appointment with the Scout executive at which time the lodge officers and advisers will review the lodge accomplishments, discuss plans for the coming charter year (see the 2013-2017 OA Strategic Plan on line) and secure the formal approval of the Scout executive by affixing signatures to the charter renewal form.

Click here for the Lodge Charter and Journey to Excellence Workbook
Dec. 10
After completing the entire worksheet, the lodge should e-mail the completed, original Excel file to jte@oa-bsa.org, and print the first page (Charter renewal).

This page must be signed by the lodge chief, lodge adviser, and Scout executive, and then returned to the national office. This signed document can be emailed to jte@oa-bsa.org, faxed to 469-331-8279, or mailed to the national office at: Order of the Arrow PO Box 152079, Irving, TX 75015
Dec. 31

* Lodge charters expire on December 31 of each year and the charter is to be renewed on or before that date for the coming year.  Fill-able lodge forms are available for download in the Forms Section.

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