Legacy Lid

Now that your lodge's rock has been sent off, it's time to move forward with sharing your lodge's history with the rest of the country as we move towards celebrating the Order of the Arrow's 100th Anniversary.

The next step is to ponder the legacy your lodge has left in the Order's first 100 years serving your council and the legacy your lodge wants to make in a new century of service. At last year's NOAC, each lodge was given a Centennial crate to assist lodges in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the OA. In 2013, your lodge's charge is to take the lid to this crate and paint it on one side to reflect your lodge's legacy. Consider incorporating the design for your 100th anniversary NOAC 2015 contingent flap into the lid design.

Once you have finished painting your lid, please take a high resolution color photo or make a high resolution scan of the lid. Please upload the image to https://www.hightail.com/dropbox?dropbox=oa-bsa. Images should be in JPG format and scanned at high resolution (no larger than 1200 dpi). Unsure if your lodge has submitted their legacy lid photograph? Click here to see a complete list of those lodges who have completed their submission.

Your lid should be kept by your lodge and put in a safe place. We will ask you to bring these to NOAC in 2015. If your lodge didn't receive a crate or can't locate yours, don't worry, instructions are available here.

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