Inductions and Ceremonies Resource Portal

This portal is a central place to find audio & video training aids, guidebooks, and other resources related to inductions, elections, and ceremonies.

Some items within this area are password protected using Ordeal and Brotherhood safeguards. For password information, please see Safeguarded Material.

Induction, Election, and Ceremonies Resources

Guide to Inductions

This guide brings together all aspects of the induction process and provides a suggested structure for the inductions committee to follow. It provides the current policies and is filled with information about the inductions process from the Unit Election, to Call-Out, through the Ordeal, and on to Brotherhood. The 2015 revision includes updates to the unit elections section, and the addition of several new unit-election resources, plus small revisions and updates throughout the document.

Guide to Unit Elections

This guide provides information on Order of the Arrow unit elections to both members and non-members. It can be distributed to unit leaders and others who want to know the policies regarding unit elections and how unit elections are conducted. All of the content in this guide is taken from the Guide to Inductions. However, the Guide to Inductions is not made available to non-members because it contains information on the Order’s ceremonies.

Ceremony Team Evaluation & Competition Guidelines

Appendix 3 of the Field Operations Guide explains the two methods of conducting ceremony team events at a section conclave. One is an evaluation of team performances against a standard; the other is an evaluation along with the top teams competing against one another to determine an overall winner. Both approaches are designed to improve ceremonial performance and to maximize the quality of the induction experience for the candidate.

LLD Training for Inductions & Membership

A collection of Lodge Leadership Development resources which focus on the induction process and lodge membership strategies. These training pieces give members of a Lodge Executive Committee the tools to more effectively induct new members, and provide quality programs.

LLD Training for Ceremonies

A collection of Lodge Leadership Development resources which offer training on how to conduct the Order's ceremonies effectively, as well as tips for forming, training, and maintaining a committed ceremonies team.

NOAC Training Materials

At every National Order of the Arrow Conference, the top trainers from around the country share their wealth of knowledge and experience about through a series of training sessions. These resources are designed to help improve your lodge's inductions & ceremonies programs, and are available online for your lodge to browse and utilize.

Guide for Officers and Advisers

The Guide for Officers and Advisers reflects the current policies concerning the organization and administration of the Order of the Arrow lodge, including inductions and ceremonies programs. All chiefs and advisers at the lodge and chapter level should have a copy.

JumpStart for New Arrowmen

The JumpStart website is intended to accompany every new member orientation, as a supplemental tool to provide new members information about the ceremonies, program, and history of the Order. JumpStart is presented in an easy to follow format, and allows new members to become familiar with the Order’s customs and traditions, the Ordeal experience, and their journey to Brotherhood after the Ordeal has concluded.

Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Audio/Video Training Aids

Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Demonstrated Video

These resources are password-protected using Ordeal level safeguarding.`
Although every ceremony team is unique, aspiring ceremonialists may wish to see an experienced team in action. In addition to using the ceremony training materials found in the Guide to Inductions, consider observing this recording of a NOAC competition-level team demonstrate the pre-Ordeal Ceremony. Please keep this training video safeguarded.

Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Audio Training Aids

Allowat Sakima

These resources are password-protected using Ordeal level safeguarding.


These resources are password-protected using Ordeal level safeguarding.


These resources are password-protected using Ordeal level safeguarding.


These resources are password-protected using Ordeal level safeguarding.

An audio recording to aid ceremonialists with committing their respective lines to memory, from the current official Ceremony for the Ordeal text (2000 revision). Please keep this training video safeguarded.

Brotherhood Ceremony Resources

Training and resource files for teams and individuals conducting the Brotherhood Ceremony, including the current ceremony text, background information on the new ceremony, and tips for delivering an effective ceremonial experience.

Ceremony for the Brotherhood

The text for the Ceremony of the Brotherhood available to download (2014 revision). This file also includes the Guide to Understanding, which allows members of any experience to learn the meaning of the ceremony and its impact on Brotherhood candidates.

Conducting the Brotherhood Ceremony

Conducting the Brotherhood Ceremony: Notes for Ceremonial Principals and Advisers provides insight into key areas of the new ceremony. Interested Arrowmen and ceremonialists are encouraged to review the document for hints on symbolism, suggestions from the principals, and other useful commentary.


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