Have you accepted the #DareToDo challenge?

When National Chief Alex Call stepped on stage on the Wednesday night at NOAC, he issued a challenge to every Arrowman across the country. The object was bold; the scope was broad. What if we could create a nationwide movement comprised entirely of simple acts of service? In short, Alex challenged the Order to launch its second century of service by making the admonition impactful to millions of people. He challenged everyone in attendance to spend the next one hundred days doing one act of service each day, and posting about it on social media.

He called it: #DareToDo

Since Alex issued the original dare, tens of thousands of people have joined him by posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag. In less than three weeks, there have been more than 500,000 acts of service — and the #DareToDo message has been seen by millions more.

Each Arrowman is already doing a daily good turn since they’re a Scout. #DareToDo is a chance to share that with the world, not to brag, but to encourage others to follow their example and lead a life dedicated to the service of others. That is already happening — organizations like The Salvation Army have seen #DareToDo and are posting about it on their own social networks!

If you have been posting, great! Keep it up! Help the OA spread the message of cheerful service. If you have not posted yet, begin today! All you need to do is post about your good turn and add the #DareToDo hashtag to the post. If you’re looking for ideas, check out dareto.do. There, you can see examples of other’s posts and a neat look at how far the dare is spreading.

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