Going For Gold: Tips For Winning ‘Quest’-Style Competitions

By Matthew Good

As conclave season starts to wind down, many Arrowmen look back with fondness to the various events and activities, most likely still trying to decide what their favorite was. Many land on the quest competitions and the gold trophy that their lodge may have brought home. Games like lodgeball, ultimate frisbee and tug-of-war are familiar sights, with opposing teams both trying to earn those much-needed points and stay afloat in the brackets. What does it take to be one of those players, and what does it take to win?

“It takes the heart” says Alex Jernigan, the SR-5 Program Coordinator. “It takes participation, spirit and focus”, says Anthony Peluso, the SR-7A Quest Conclave Vice Chief. Both should know, as they are responsible for the planning and execution of quest events at their conclaves. Both also stress teamwork as a major factor, not only between teammates, but also between the team and the Arrowmen cheering them on. Players need to have fun and do their best, and work together to be an effective and cohesive team by stressing positivity instead of negativity. This extends to the spectators, where the amount of spirit they can show becomes a competition of its own.

Alex and Anthony both agree that while skill can help in winning, there is no skill required to win an event or even do well in it. Anthony believes that lodges can often get caught up with winning, finding the event that they can do best in and other such obsessions, instead of having fun and participating in conclave. “Conclave is all about interactions between lodges” says Alex.

Both Alex and Anthony hope that Arrowmen recognize that we are all brothers, and that conclave is all about fellowship and having fun. They believe that keeping this in mind will help lodges win at quest events and enjoy the weekend.

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