Why does Operation Arrow staff #ChooseOA?

#ChooseOA is a marketing and social media campaign which allows active OA members to share the reasons they became involved and chose to stay involved with the Order of the Arrow; simply put, why they #ChooseOA. We asked Operation Arrow staffers why they #ChooseOA; here’s what some of them said. 

  • “I #ChooseOA because I don’t know who or where I would be were it not for the friendships developed and skills learned through the OA.” 
  • “I #ChooseOA to help provide young people with leadership opportunities and skills they would not receive elsewhere.” 
  • “I #ChooseOA because it has been an opportunity to take my Scouting experience to the next level, to make friends from all over the country, and to grow as a leader.” 
  • “I #Choose OA because the OA is awesome, and because we learn to lead much better than we would if we were not part of it!” 
  • “I #ChooseOA because it is important to work with other people who want to be there and do the right thing, and because it unifies Scouts at a level beyond their troop that nothing else can really match.” 

And, finally: 

  • “I #ChooseOA because I believe that this organization is worth it.”

Be sure to spread your national jamboree and Operation Arrow story using the hashtag #ChooseOA! Interested in learning more about #ChooseOA, or sharing your own testimonial about why you #ChooseOA? Visit www.oa-bsa.org/chooseoa or reach out to us at chooseoa@oa-bsa.org.

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