Centennial Update: Five can’t-miss facts about NOAC 2015

By Michael Kipp

If you’re a parent of an Arrowman, you’ve probably heard him talk about NOAC a lot in the pastfew months. Like any parent, you’re trying to figure out where in the world he’ll be for five days next August, and what he’ll be doing. Now is the time to get the facts about NOAC.

  1. NOAC stands for the National Order of the Arrow Conference. NOAC is the second largest event in all of Scouting where Arrowmen from around the country come for fun programs, fellowship with others, incredible trainings and a memorable take home experience.
  2. There are already more than 12,000 Arrowmen registered for NOAC 2015. Attending the conference is a fantastic experience whether you are a new Ordeal member or seasoned Arrowman. Guests have the opportunity to meet people from across the nation and make friends with people who share the same purpose!
  3. Guests have the opportunity to spend the whole conference living, eating and navigating on the campus of Michigan State University. What better way to expose your son to the college experience then to send him there with Scouts? Getting to spend the week living in dorms is one of the things that makes NOAC unique from other Scouting events.
  4. Each lodge attending NOAC 2015 has a contingent. This contingent is made up of people from your local council, and they travel and live as a group. It is truly the best way to meet new Arrowmen from your own lodge. The base cost for NOAC is $475; however, every contingent sets their own price to cover expenses such as travel. Be sure to get in contact with your lodge leadership for the exact price and how to sign up.
  5. It’s easy to stay connected and up to date with NOAC as we approach the conference. The 2015 NOAC Event Promotion website has all of the latest information.

Want the NOAC 2015 Fact Sheet to pass out at chapter and lodge events?

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