Conclave Training Initiative Circle of Excellence

By Alex Hughes

For the last thirteen years, the Conclave Training Initiative (CTI) has sought to enhance the training program of conclaves across the nation by providing section leadership with sessions on unique and innovative content. The team has put out a multitude of great content over the years, yet the frontier of high quality training still has plenty of new avenues to explore. Many of the greatest changes and ideas regarding conclave training, however, have grown from local trainers and section training teams.

To share these incredible ideas and continue innovative conclave training across the country, the CTI team has created the Conclave Training Initiative Circle of Excellence. A program designed with the notion that our greatest training resources are the individuals out in the field who test their training locally, the Circle of Excellence seeks out the submissions of Arrowmen who have trained at a conclave with a session of their own.

From now until October 1, 2016, conclave trainers and section leadership can help in this endeavor by submitting their original training sessions to These training sessions will be reviewed by CTI staff. The team will then select sessions best suited to reshape future conclave training across the nation. Those sessions will join the Circle of Excellence and will be available concurrently with the OA’s 2017 CTI sessions. Arrowmen across the nation will then have access to these trainings for section conclaves and training events.

The CTI team encourages submissions of training cells, no matter what it may be. Local ideas will help us continue to make conclave training more informative, creative and exciting as we enter our second century. We look forward to working with you and creating something great together in the future.

Criteria for submissions to the CTI’s Circle of Excellence can be found below. Visit the CTI webpage for more information on this year’s sessions. Questions on the CTI program can be directed towards

Criteria for submissions:

  1. All submissions must be received by October 1, 2016. Submitters may provide their first name and must provide their section and lodge.
  2. Training session submissions must contain a syllabus with sufficient detail to replicate the cell in a similar environment.
  3. Supplemental material may be submitted, but this is not required. This material will only serve to enhance the quality of the submission.
  4. The sessions determined to provide the most unique and high quality material that fit the above criteria will be selected by the CTI team to publish on the national OA website.
  5. The CTI group reserves the right to edit sessions for grammar, branding and style, and content revisions.

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