Centennial Update: Content needed for new OA history book

One of the special things being developed for the 100th anniversary of the Order is a new kind of history book. The book will be "coffee table" size, and will have lots of pictures and a casual style that will appeal to youth as well as adults.

Though the book will have much of the rich history from the days of the founding and from past national events, the focus of the book is the Order from the Arrowman's point of view – activities that an Arrowman's lodge and chapter might do as well as the kinds of leaders he might encounter. It is hoped that Arrowmen will relate their own experience to those in the book's pictures and stories.

To that end, the authors would like to get input in two areas:

  1. Stories and photos of special lodge events or projects that were very impactful; examples would be the construction of the old camp headquarters entirely by lodge members, or the lodge's service to the community during or after a hurricane.
  2. Stories and photos of truly unique Arrowmen – not just the fellow who came to every event for 70 years, but the one Arrowman (hopefully, a youth) who had an impact on the community or the world.

Please send your submissions directly to Nelson Block (nblock@winstead.com) and Bill Topkis (topkis@sisna.com) no later than June 31, 2014.

If possible, photos should indicate who took the photo and how to contact the photographer to get consent for publication.

The Order of the Arrow has been blessed with such rich fellowship over the years. Let's tell the story to the world.

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