Centennial Update: Centennial logo: Explained

Imagine that you have a very basic understanding of the Boy Scouts of America. You may have seen Scouts around your neighborhood helping with service projects, or purchased popcorn from a Cub Scout pack. However, you certainly have never heard of the "Order of the Arrow" or know what the "centennial celebration" is all about.

In that spirit, the centennial logo was designed with three variations each intending to target a specific audience. Please note: the logo is different from the centennial totem, which is the circular feature within the logo and to be used on 100th anniversary patches and memorabilia.

The standard set is intended for both Arrowmen and Scouts alike, clearly indicating the 100 years that the Order is celebrating. On your promotional flyers to councils and districts and at Scout events promoting NOAC, use this variation.

The theme set is intended for Arrowmen audiences specifically. From lodge fellowship weekends to Conclaves to LEC meetings, this logo variation should be used.

Lastly, the BSA set is intended for external audiences outside of Scouting. In the event that you utilize this variation, think back to the hypothetical at the beginning of this page. Someone who has limited understanding of Scouting will still recognize the Boy Scouts of America's lettering, allowing them to mentally connect the dots and recognize your chapter, lodge, or section's representation.

Below, you'll see our infographic to help distinguish which logo to use. Remember: the reasoning for the variations is to help target a specific audience using the proper imagery.

Be sure to always refer to the complete Centennial Branding Guide for the proper usage of all centennial assets.

Centennial Logos

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