Centennial Update: Lodges incorporating centennial totem into 2015 patches

Alibamu Lodge Flap

The 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow isn't far away! How will you "Be Prepared" to celebrate?

Last month, the national Order of the Arrow committee approved the official year-long centennial totem for 2015. Alongside the totem and logo is the centennial theme, “Centuries of Service,” which will be the Order’s theme throughout the 100th year. The totem and logo will not reflect the NOAC 2015 patch, and the centennial theme does not equate to the NOAC theme. However, all lodges should plan to incorporate the centennial totem into their patch designs. Remember: only the totem, and not the logo, should be on lodge memorabilia.

Check out how Alibamu Lodge, serving the Tukabatchee Area Council in South Central Alabama, is using the centennial totem already in their 100th anniversary patch!

All chapters, lodges, and sections are encouraged to design their patches with the centennial totem included. A branding guide has been developed to help lodges do just that. To find the guide and to access downloadable files of the centennial branding assets, visit this page on the OA National Website.

For all questions regarding the totem and proper usage, please reach out to branding@oa-bsa.org via email for a response and clarification.

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