Centennial Update: Chiefly Speaking: Centennial totem & logo

In the fall of 2013, a nationwide search began to find a brand and identity for the Order of the Arrow’s 100th anniversary through our Centennial Design Contest. We are pleased to announce that the 100th anniversary brand, portraying the theme “Centuries of Service,” is now available for use as we kick off our centennial celebration. The selected brand elements are derived from a winning design submitted by Arrowman Nathaniel Kelton of Coosa Lodge.

The 100th anniversary brand consists of the national logo, totem and theme that will continue to be integrated across all centennial programming and memorabilia. While the year-long centennial branding and the NOAC branding will each be standalone designs, the totem and logo is available for lodges to include within their centennial materials. For those that celebrated the Order’s 75th anniversary, you will remember the chosen totem, a turtle. For the centennial, we are following a similar structure with the new circular totem. We are asking lodges to incorporate this new totem on all 100th anniversary and NOAC memorabilia. Additionally, we encourage each lodge to submit a copy of all its 100th anniversary memorabilia to the national Order of the Arrow archives so that we may preserve a complete, nationwide set. To assist you in the utilization of the totem, a branding guide is now available on the national Order of the Arrow website. Be sure to pay particularly close attention to the sizing and color schemes for this totem when incorporating it into your designs.

Although there were many great designs submitted through the contest, this totem quickly stood out for a number of reasons. Simply, the totem is a wheel, representing a circle of unity, and forward motion into our next century of service. Additionally, the spokes of this wheel together form WWW, which remind us of the three principles of our Order: brotherhood, cheerfulness and service.

We are very excited to share with you what is now considered the face of our centennial, and we are enthusiastic to see its implementation into your memorabilia. The 100th anniversary is quickly approaching, and we look forward to joining you in celebration of our first century of service.

Cheerfully Yours,

Nick Dannemiller, National Chief and Taylor Bobrow, National Vice Chief

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